Snuggie at Walmart? Maybe You Shouldn’t

by Louisa Kimberlin

Hey, there! If you’re looking for Snuggie reviews, if it works or even the best place to buy it, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the late 2008, Snuggie was introduced to the market, a sleeved blanket designed for cold weather which you can wear in and out of the house whether you’re busy doing things or nothing at all. The first time the product’s commercial was aired, it garnered positive response despite being humorously referred to as a cult. Somehow it became popular so I did my research to see if this could be a potential addition to the wardrobe, a gift perhaps, or just an outrageous idea. We share everything candidly – the good, and the not so good so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s worth getting.

(Updated for 2013)

What is Snuggie?

Snuggie is a unisex full length blanket with oversized sleeves. It looks like a cloak or a bathrobe that is worn backwards. Manufacturers say it is designed to keep you totally warm in cold weather. Unlike regular blankets, Snuggie apparently keeps you wrapped in warmth from head to toe without restraining you from doing other things. So instead of wrapping yourself in a blanket which would slide off when you stand or move around, you can garb yourself in this outfit and get on with whatever it is you need to do. With Snuggie blanket, you supposedly have the freedom to move about, work on your computer, enjoy a meal, or perform other chores inside and outside the house. People even don it while enjoying chilly outdoor activities such as sporting events.

Its infomercial said it is made with super soft, luxurious fleece. The product is available in various solid and print colors, and features oversized pockets.


  • Oversized sleeves and hands free – allowing you the freedom of movement
  • Super large – a one-size fits all which keeps you feeling cozy and comfortable.
  • Machine washable – you can easily wash it in cold water using a gentle cycle.
  • Makes a great gift – an ideal present for birthdays and holiday seasons.
  • Economical – it can help lower your heating bill.


  • Thin material – users say it’s not warm enough for very cold outdoors
  • Creates static – While the fabric is soft, lightweight, warm, and comfy, it tends to generate amount of static electricity which makes it susceptible to damage from high temperature of washing.

Real User Reviews

I looked around the internet for real user reviews on Snuggie and the results are astounding! It’s surprising to know how many people have already tried the product since it became available in the market regardless of the varied opinions about it.

This user likes it but…

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