Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review: Does It Work?

by Louisa Kimberlin

Hi there! If you’re looking for Ninja Mega Kitchen reviews then reading this article is going to help you determine whether or not this machine is truly an asset to your kitchen. Here you will find insider facts and real user experiences both good and bad so you could later on make an informed decision.

What Is The Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

Combining the functions of a blender, food processor, and single serve blending, this Ninja blender is said to be wearing the black belt in the elite line of Ninja brand of blenders. This model comes with a 1500-watt and 2 horsepower motor which provide caliber performance in the areas of food processing, frozen blending, complete juicing, and dough mixing. Its ability to do several tasks efficiently can replace a number of appliances in your kitchen counter. The Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 supposedly adds professional food preparation, blending, and performance to your kitchen helping you prepare healthier food faster and easier with just one touch of a button.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Features

To execute a wide range of food preparation, the all-in-one system includes the following features:

  • Patented Ninja® Technology
  • Extra large 72 oz BPA-free pitcher with blade assembly
  • 64 oz BPA-free pitcher with blade assembly
  • Dough blade attachment
  • 2 single-serve blending cups with blade and to-go lids
  • Lock–In Lid, Featuring Pour Spout
  • Easy to Clean Electronic Control Panel
  • Sturdy, Non-Slip Base
  • Hidden Drain Holes – prevent water build up from dishwasher

How Does It Work?

At 1500 watts, this high-power machine is supposed to make quick work of just about anything you want to grind.  As a complete nutrient juicer, Ninja blade technology allows you to blend whole fruits and vegetables with a few ice cubes into fine, delicious drinks leaving all the nutritious pulp.

The official site says that this system simplifies the way you prepare your smoothies, shakes, frappes, and frozen cocktails among others.

The machine is also designed for dough mixing. It can easily blend wet and dry ingredients into breads in seconds. It is known to have the capability of creating rustic pizza doughs and even delicate crepe batter.

Meal preparation is also made easier as you can chop, mince, grind, and blend a variety of ingredients evenly in less time.


  • Promotes healthy eating. Preparing healthy food is made simpler and more convenient in just one appliance.
  • Multifunctional. Eliminates the need for multiple appliances as you can do various tasks using one system. It also has various blending options ranging from small to large tasks.
  • High-powered. It is capable of effortlessly blending just about anything you want but it can also be gentle enough for delicate ingredients requiring less force.
  • Easy to use. It is equipped with pour spout for easy pouring of contents and it doesn’t move so you don’t have to keep hovering over the blender to hold down the base.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe but use caution when handling the blades assemblies as they are very sharp.


  • The motor is very loud but is to be expected since it is a powerhouse blender using 1500 watts and 2 horsepower motor.
  • Relatively expensive compared to other blenders. But then again this is a multifunctional machine.

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