Ninja Blender Reviews: Comparison of the Best Ninja Blenders

by Louisa Kimberlin

Hi there! If you’re looking for Ninja blender reviews as you’re undecided which blender should be added to your kitchen counter, then this review which compares the Ninja line of blenders’ strengths and weaknesses  should enlighten you.

Blenders or food processors are known to make food preparation or processing faster and easier. Regular blenders, however, are infamous for having a hard time crushing or blending food substances properly. Many of them have limited functionality and are rather inferior at what they’re supposed to be made for.

The Ninja blenders on the other hand are known to be innovative and powerful tools as the creators continue to improve their products. They do have their share of drawbacks but they’re generally efficient and are great company in the kitchen as proven by their other successful products like the ninja cooking system.

Ninja Master Prep Pro System

This upscale, professional black and stainless steel design Ninja Blender combines the patented Ninja technology and powerful pulsing action to crush ice, chop, and blend food two times faster. It has 450W motor, interchangeable master pod that activates the 48 oz. pitcher and the 16 oz bowl. The blender weighs 6.8 pounds.

It is powerful, fast, easy to store, and has plenty of container space. On the negative side, the plastic is thin, the motor is loud (although all blenders are noisy), and takes up space with all the different parts. While most of the parts are easy to clean, the undersides have small and narrow crevices making it a bit tough to clean up. It also doesn’t have multiple blending speeds.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

This Ninja blender features single-serve blending and 48 oz. pitcher for complete juicing and frozen blending. It is capable of kneading dough for pizza, breads, and other pastries in the 40 oz. processing bowl. Ninja Kitchen System processor bowl has slicer/shredder attachment.

It is fast, easy to clean, and has great functionality. The blender operates at 700 watts hence it crushes ice effortlessly and is relatively loud. It makes healthier juices than standard juicers by keeping all the nutrition intact as it does not filter anything. Using the 40oz bowl for blending fruits and vegetables does not break down food as effectively compared to using individual cups though.

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender is an efficient tool for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. It has 1000W motor and weighs 10 pounds.

With its effective blade design, the blender thoroughly mixes ingredients and is powerful enough to make fine crushed ice. Although it can make juice, it is not primarily a juice extractor so you may need to add ice or liquid to attain the consistency you want. It is also a tad taller than regular blenders that it may not fit under many cabinets.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100

Another Ninja blender which features unique capability to knead dough for pastries, the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a fast and easy to use kitchenware that has a 40 oz processing bowl and 72 oz pitcher.

With 1100W motor, the blender is powerful and can hold a higher volume of food with its bigger pitcher. It has a nifty pour spout that makes pouring substances mess-free. The product is taller than average blender size making it difficult to slide under the cabinets.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

By far the strongest and the most powerful among the line of Ninja blenders, the Mega Kitchen System operates at 1500 watts, weighs 15 pounds, and has multiple blending speeds. It has 72 and 64 oz pitchers and 2 16 oz single serve cups.

This Ninja blender is efficient in juicing, dough mixing, frozen blending, and food processing. The large capacity of the pitcher and food processor enables you to make food in larger volumes. The two blade options makes the blender suitable for preparing different foods from frozen delights to pastries. It also has three settings and a pulse option for the pitcher and food processor so you can create delicate substances like salsa or creamy soups.

1500 watts makes the blender considerably powerful and it goes without saying the unit is loud like some of the power tools around. Most parts are easy to clean but the deep container will have you scraping down the sides a lot which is another downside but is  actually not a big deal considering the rest of its capabilities.

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