Does Riddex Work? This Review Reveals The Truth

by Louisa Kimberlin

Hi there! If you came here wanting to know if Riddex really works, then you won’t be disappointed. Like you, we got curious the moment we heard about a product that claims to change the pest control game. Here, I will share all of the information we discovered in our research – the good and bad – so you can make an informed decision on whether this product can solve your pest problem. More specifically, this article contains how it works, pros & cons, honest reviews from real customers and more. We even reveal where you can possibly get it for the best deal on page 2. (Updated for 2013)

What Is Riddex?

Riddex Plus (also known as RiddexPulse) is a plugin device designed to create an invisible digital force field through the wiring of your house in order to drive mice, rats, roaches, and small flying and crawling insects away from your home. According to the company, the small-sized plug in deterrent employs a patented digital pulse technology which is powered by a free scale microprocessor

How Does Riddex Work?

It emits a high-pitched hum that supposedly interferes with the pests’ nervous system thus making an irritating environment for them. The device seems very easy to use. You simply plug it into any wall socket and once it is on, it creates electromagnetic waves behind the walls, under the carpet, above the ceilings, and behind furniture where pests usually hide. The digital pulses through the wiring in your wall make the roaches, mice, and other pests uncomfortable and consequently make them leave. The company claims that one single device is capable of protecting one floor or level of a typical house, apartment, or condominium.


What Makes it Different?

The manufacturer claims that Riddex Plus is unique compared to traditional pest control methods and products which usually cost hundreds of dollars a year. Here is a summary of the unique benefits and features:

  1. It has a built-in nightlight and LED indicator
  2. There are no harmful chemicals
  3. It does not cause terrible fumes and odors
  4. It does not require a professional exterminator
  5. It does not cause any potential harm to your pets
  6. It does not kill pests so they do not die in your home or walls
  7. Is relatively cheap and does not cost thousands of dollars like so many alternatives.


  1. Safe to use around children and pets. Because it is non-toxic and does not require use of any harmful chemicals, you can be sure that your family and pets are safe from potential contamination.
  2. Cost-effective. Power consumption is only at a minimum and there’s nothing to replace. A single unit is expected to cover an entire floor of a typical home.
  3. 100% safe and cruelty-free. It doesn’t kill pests. It makes them leave your place and prevents future pests from entering your home. It can be considered a humane method of practicing pest control.
  4. Nothing to clean up. No poison or dead bugs to clean up compared to using insecticide which results to a floor covered with pests.

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Jasper February 15, 2013

I’m pleased with this product. I’ve been using this for several months now and I installed it in the basement. No more mice noises now. So far so good.


Chester February 23, 2013

Two units installed in the house – one for each floor. I had them plugged for about a week now. I see no roaches but I still hear some mice noise. Will see how it progresses in a month’s time


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